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As A Parent With An Autistic Child

When You Feel Stuck In Your Situation

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Autism can pose challenges for your child and family.

In addition to dealing with meltdowns and tantrums due to sensory overload, your child struggles with school, social interaction, communication, etc.

You think, "If I could 'fix' my child, their situation would improve, and our problems would disappear."

Yet, despite all efforts, you see little progress.

Plus, the demands of your family consume you, leaving you little time or energy to pursue things that matter to you.

I want to share that this does not always have to be this way.

You can stop the stress and overwhelm on the homefront, and you, as a parent, can take back the reins of your life.

Curious to find out how?

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3 key essentials to help your special needs child and the whole family to thrive.

Learn the steps to connect with your child in a genuine and fun way with our free Connectionary course.


Here’s a family life planner on how to set your family up for success.

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I’ve Been Where You Are…..

When people ask me, "What's the one thing that stopped my ASD daughter from the constant fights and meltdowns?"

I never hesitate with my reply.


It's how I help my daughter and many families with ASD children overcome their fears, anger and frustrations. It is the way that significantly reduces many power struggles at home.

But the journey wasn't always as smooth as it is now.

I felt utterly helpless for a long time, incapable of calming my daughter when she unleashed her screams in public.

Everyday tasks, like getting dressed, mealtimes or bedtimes, often spiralled into a huge fight and struggle.

The mere idea that these scenes might be a permanent part of our lives filled me with dread.

While therapies and diets may offer some assistance to your child with ASD, they'll all prove ineffective if you don't first get this fundamental aspect right.

If you want to stop the fights and meltdowns, knowing how to connect with your child truly is a must.

Connection affects our children's physical, psychological and emotional well-being. Our children's emotional needs remain unmet when we do not connect.

When our emotional needs are unmet, we survive but do not thrive.

When I understood this principle and took action to genuinely connect with my daughter instead of correcting her… became easier and better for my special child, my family, and above all…. Me.

If you desire to make a powerful difference in your child's life and yours……

Click here to take the all-important first step in booking a Connectionary session with me.

When you learn how to connect with your child, you will:-

  • Have less conflict and more peace with yourself and your loved ones.
  • Help and support your child from a better place of love and acceptance.
  • You will find much love, joy and hope in this atypical family journey.

When we see past the autism label, we see a child who is beyond special.

When we see past the autism label, we see a child who is beyond special.


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